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Guatemala Finca El Injerto

Guatemala Finca El Injerto
This Guatemalan gold tastes of classy alcoholic drinks – something between cognac and champagne – along with a classic grape and apricot flavor. Once you sip a cup of the Finca El Injerto, you will at once taste the flavor of Central America.

These superb cherries come from a one-hundred-year family growing business in Guatemala City. The family's growing secret is to avoid insecticides and use water when milling. Also, an interesting fact about the growers is that they ferment their cherries for up to 72 hours in a wet and cold environment before drying the beans.


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by Joseph Dvorkin on Jun 05, 2015
When I want good coffee I always choose from Guatemalan coffees. It isn't the eighth largest producer in the world just for fun. This particular coffee moreover keeps the chocolate and licorice after-taste which is like paradise in my mouth.
by Ivalyn Lippincott on Jun 05, 2015
The first sip is very interesting because of the acidity and fruitiness. But after this first sip, I didn't like it anymore. Every consequent sip was suffering for me. I just wasn't made for such taste. I know that the flavor is very subjective so I won't give it lower mark but I just didn't like it.