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Bolivia Finca Illimani

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Bolivia Finca Illimani

This is the story of a man that had worked long hard years since his childhood on a coffee farm. His lifelong dream was to have his own coffee farm. Then, in his thirties, he was able to buy a farm located near Caranvi in the Bolivian Andes. However, even though his farm isn't far from La Paz, there are no roads, and he and his employees have to carry their crop to the nearest road. Too much work, you say? Well, just taste the coffee and you will change your opinion very quickly.

The flavor of the Finca Illimani Anastacio Cadena Cascara is like marmalade, nothing more, just this, pure and simple, not fussy at all.


Coffee Farm
Finca Illimani
Coffee Variety
Criolla, Caturra
Coffee Processing
Washed process
Coffee Altitude
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by Cameron D. Parker on Jun 05, 2015
I have this small bar in Dallas and the first thing I offer my customers is Bolivian Finca. Finca has remarkable taste and pretty much everyone can enjoy it, even those who aren't so fond of coffee. When I started drinking this coffee, I stopped having sugar or milk, the Finca itself is just enough.
by Alejandro Perez on Jun 05, 2015
Something between coffee and tea, it's interesting but I don't know... I guess you need to be in the mood for such a trait.
by Johny Shotgun on Jun 05, 2015
With this Bolivian coffee I can also make a tasty sorbet. Summer nights saved!