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Hario Vacuum Pot

Hario Vacuum Pot

Another Hario product in our store. This is a classic, but it takes a little while to master. The results, however, are more than worth it. Perfect when you want a specialty device that allows you to experiment with different techniques, tastes, and strengths in a novel way. Your friends will think you're a born alchemist.

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by Thomas Noseworthy on Jun 05, 2015
After reading different comments here I wasn't sure what to actually choose. In the end I bet on Hario Vacuum Pot because it was discounted and I must say I'm almost satisfied. The only thing I'd improve is that the coffee is smooth but not so rich on the other hand.
by David Stuhlman on Jun 05, 2015
Works as expected, awesome toy. I feel I'm like a crazy chemist training students to make something special.
by Jane Peltola on Jun 05, 2015
Don't get me wrong but I expected something more. It works fine and I don't have any problem with this Hario. However, I don't have my head in the clouds and the flavor is just a little bit flat, I guess it can't extract 100% of the coffee.
by Jacob Czechowski on Jun 05, 2015
Their marketing doesn't lie because I make the best coffee I've ever produced at home! You can also find a great how-to video that showed me how to work with such a cool device. The process is rather slow but you can easily speed it up if you buy a butane burner. I even dropped it onto my floor once but thanks to its sturdiness, I couldn't find any damage.
by David Bennington on Jun 05, 2015
Hario is a complicated, expensive and really old-fashioned platform. Buy Chemex instead and you'll make better coffee with much less work.