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Espro Press

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Espro Press
A major rethink in the way coffee is made. Retains heat for several hours. The filters in this device are up to 12 times finer, and each coffee is filtered twice. This means no sediment, no silt, and a perfectly clear coffee.

The Espro Press is durable, perfect for travelling as well as at home. It can survive practically anything.

Oh, and one more thing. You can easily use this brewer for perfect loose-leaf tea, tonic water, or even vanilla extract.
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by Margaret Waffles on Jun 05, 2015
Espro Press is exactly what I need for making a good cup of coffee. It's definitely the best press I've ever had. The flavor, aroma or the color... I'd say it's like brewing systems worth thousands of dollars.
by Frank De Luise on Jun 05, 2015
I'd say it's just a hype. Yeah, coffee masters give this the best reviews but I think it produces less coffee silt than other presses. Besides, it's rather small, I can't put there more than 30 oz. And I can't even say how much I miss some kind of lid that would close the press and help keeping its temperature. Otherwise, it’s fine, I guess. Yes, it's just fine.