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AeroPress + African coffee

AeroPress + African coffee
Become a coffee enthusiast with this exclusive pack containing:

•An AeroPress (brewer)
•Kenyan Gakuyuni AA (coffee)
•Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (coffee)

Purchase today and use the revolutionary AeroPress to make a cup of coffee with these two classy coffees, both from Africa, the continent of unique coffee beans. Everything you need is in this bargain bundle pack.

You will be amazed at how good your African coffee will taste using AeroPress. If you just want to enjoy a perfect quick cup, or you enjoy tinkering with the delicacies of coffee brewing, the AeroPress Coffee Maker hits the spot!

In the Kenyan Gakuyuni AA, you can taste a sweet flavor of acidity along with a delicious touch of plum, rhubarb, and tangerine. And the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe? Scrumptious... Peaches, apricots, watermelons, every fruit you could imagine.
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by Peter Gravlin on Jun 05, 2015
First of all, I must admit I'm no coffee expert. On the other hand, coffee made in AeroPress has everything I need in a coffee and those two coffees added to the pack are probably the best two coffees I've ever had.
by Peter Pyron on Jun 05, 2015
Seems like a reasonable price for everything together and I appreciate the easiness of using AeroPress. I usually prefer Panamanian coffee but these two African coffees were also good.
by Michael Kadinger on Jun 05, 2015
AeroPress is a little miracle in the coffee world. I'm happy that I bought such a good worker. It's quick, easy to use and with a reasonable price.
by Matt Lukehart on Jun 05, 2015
Because of this cheaper pack I don't regret anything but the AeroPress is just too elementary for me. I should have bought a better brewer. On the other hand, the coffees were very tasty. Those different flavors made my day.